Garliko Gıda Maddeleri

Garliko Inc. is a company established for the marketing of agricultural products managed by Agrico Investments. However, it reached the aim of producing controlled and certified agricultural products in a short time and started garlic production of about …..tonnes p.a. Within a short time after its establishment, it gained significant momentum with its sales to main national chain markets such as Migros, Carrefour, Özdilek, Mopaş, A101, Şok and Metro.

Ensar Tarım

It was established in 2015, it cultivates cauliflower, zucchini, lettuce and celery on a field of approximately 350 decares in Sakarya region. It brings the products to the consumers by offering them for sale in main national chain markets. It aims to cultivate 700 decares of agricultural land in the next five years.