We serve in the livestock sector, in line with the vision of adding quality and value to the country's livestock. We distribute our reliable, certified local breed ovine animals in 3000 sqm closed and 4500 sqm open area equipped with modern and technological facilities.

The farm is 80 km away from the airport, 35 km away from the high-speed train, and 5 km away from the Sivas - Ankara highway.

By hosting the largest farm in the region, we aim to stay true to our principle of producing value-added products by producing milk and dairy products in addition to meat production in the long term. In this direction, we plan to raise 2000 ovine Akkaraman (Kangal) breeds and 100 bovine meat breeds fattening calves and offer them to our consumers in our butchers that will operate in various provinces.


The business plan that our company AGRICO AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION INC. will do for the future is expected to take shape as follows.

The company primarily desires to have a serious market network with agricultural production in the world agriculture conjuncture.

It aims to produce lettuce, salad, carrot and lemon among the products that are targeted to be produced as a priority. These products are a product group selected as a group that finds a market for 365 days.

The company has started with the production of belly salad in the Muğla region, with the purchase of 60 acres as a priority. It aims to produce approximately 600 acres, with a production capacity of 1 truck per day. The cost of 600 acres of hub is estimated to be approximately 130.000 $ in total. Estimated turnover is thought to be 517.000 $.

Approximately 3,000 tons of carrots can be harvested from a 500-decare carrot production.

It is planned to establish a fully automatic system with mechanization in carrot production. Subsequently, it should be planned to establish a 1,500-tonnes capacity of cold storing house in a closed area of 3,000 sqm on an area of approximately 5 decares.

Lemon can be looked after as a garden orchard. A ready-made garden can be bought or land can be purchased and a new lemon garden can be made. Lemon lands represent slightly higher values. Excluding the investment cost, the cost of 1 decare of lemon is 6,000 thousand TL. About 6 tons of product can be obtained from 1 acre. Sampling When 600 tons of lemons are bought in a 100 decare lemon garden, it will cost 600 thousand TL. The estimated turnover is 3,000,000 TL and the estimated profit is 1,750,000 TL.

Agrico Venture

Agrıco Venture Investments Inc.’s goal is to integrate our capital with technology by investing in agri-tech startups that aim to add value for a more sustainable agricultural production.

Our goal is to integrate our capital with technology by investing in technology startups that aim to open up to the world. Agrico Venture helps companies develop unique technologies and grow by providing value that can benefit society.

We believe that our country is in an important area in terms of technology development. At this point, as Agrico Ventur, we provide the knowledge, experience, fund support and relationships that companies need in order to ensure their sustainable growth by creating value for their technologies.

AGRICO ENTREPRENEURIAL WOMEN'S COOPERATİVE Agrico Entrepreneurial Women’s Cooprative has been establihed by Agrico Investment Holding Inc. So as to support local women from rural areas to add them to the agricultural economy by having them produce local gourmet poducts and sell them to the end-customer via store, chain markets and web (via .

AGRICO Women's Initiative Cooperative

Let us introduce the Agrico Women's Initiative Cooperative, to which we show our support with the slogan "Women in Our Future", as the Agrico Investment family, with their words.

Who are we?

We set out from Ankara to strengthen the social and economic position of women all over Turkey and to play an active role in production. With the cooperative model , we created income models for women to produce together and transform the value they produce into income . We know that as women produce, we will develop and we will move forward with firm steps into the future. In the rings of the value chain we have created, there is the effort and sweat of the strong women of Anatolia, which we are inspired by.

What we do?

•We turn the labor of women all over Anatolia into value.

•We produce healthy snacks and delicious foods with women's labor and deliver them to your tables.

• Acting with the understanding that where women are, there is comfort, we produce hygienically.

• We act in accordance with the principles of transparency and sustainability at all stages of our production and with an understanding that respects nature.