AGRICO Investment Agricultural Products

Agrico Investment Holding is dedicated to make investments in high-value agricultural production via collaborations with companies in the sector through partnership or acquisition generating strong financial structure for the stakeholders by using rational financial methods in the production stages. Primary goal is to further develop the market share of the company subsidiaries, which are suppliers of national chain-markets, and to become the market leader in this context.


AGRICO Investment aims to direct the future by making production planning on the main products in the agricultural sector, with the awareness that agricultural production will gain serious importance, taking into account the global warming and the decrease in water resources day by day, with the world population approaching 9 billion.


AGRICO Investment will use agricultural production, sensor surveillance systems, SMS, SOS, LOT technology applications and web map systems in agriculture, services such as fighting against diseases, harmful insects, irrigation, eliminating soil problems, at the right time and by making the right diagnosis and maximizing efficiency. will take it to the next level and will make the best use of the savings it will create in this context. It will work with trained personnel and engineers in this regard, thus providing a wide service network.

AGRICO Investment will be a pioneer in this field by making maximum use of technology in agricultural production to be carried out in a laboratory environment. Greenhouse cultivation and soilless agriculture will be among its priorities.